Policing the Roman Empire : soldiers, administration, and public order

Main Author: Fuhrmann, Christopher J.
Published: Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2012.
Physical Description: xx, 330 p. : ill., maps ; 24 cm.
Contents/pieces: 2 records
Table of Contents:
  • Roman emperors from Augustus to Julian
  • Maps of the Roman Empire
  • "Arrest me, for I have run away": fugitive slave hunting in the Roman Empire
  • "Like a thief in the night": self-help, magisterial authority, and civilian policing
  • "I brought peace to the provinces": Augustus and the rhetoric of imperial peace
  • "To squelch the discord of the rabble": military policing in Rome and Italy under Augustus' successors
  • "Let there be no violence contrary to my wish": emperors and provincial order
  • "Keep your province pacified and quiet": provincial governors, public order, and policing
  • "Military stations throughout all provinces": detached-service soldier-police
  • Appendix: Differentiating stationarii from beneficiarii consulares and other detached-service soldiers.