Interaction in the Himalayas and Central Asia : processes of transfer, translation and transformation in art, archaeology, religion and polity : proceedings of the third international SEECHAC colloquium, 25-27 Nov. 2013, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna

Corporate Author: International SEECHAC Colloquium Vienna, Austria)
Society for the Study of the Cultures of the Himalayas and Central Asia.
Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften.
Other Authors: Allinger, Eva. , Grenet, Frantz. , Jahoda, Christian. , Lang, Maria-Katharina. , Vergati, Anne.
Published: Vienna : Austrian Academy of Sciences Press, 2017.
Physical Description: viii, 423 pages : illustrations (chiefly color), color map ; 25 x 30 cm.
Series: Denkschriften (Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften. Philosophisch-Historische Klasse) ; 495. Bd.
Veröffentlichungen zur Sozialanthropologie ; Bd. 22
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Table of Contents:
  • Introduction: Interaction in the Himalayas and Central Asia / Christian Jahoda. I. Transfer and Interaction in Central Asia and Tibet. Transfers and Interactions between North and South in Central Asia during the Bronze Age / Élise Luneau
  • Preliminary Excavation Findings from Shoroon Bumbagar, Ulaan Kherem, Mongolia / Lhagvasuren Erdenebold
  • Two Enigmatic "Megalithic" Sites in Tibet / Oscar Nalesini
  • Skanda and the Mothers in Khotanese Buddhist Painting / Ciro Lo Muzio
  • The Deydier Vase and Its Tibetan Connections: A Preliminary Note / Frantz Grenet
  • Allegories of Kingship: A Preliminary Study of a Western Central Asian Gold Ewer in the Royal Court of Tibet / David Thomas Pritzker
  • The Influence from Khotan: The Standing Buddha Images in Kucha / Tianshu Zhu. II. Translation and Adoption of Art and Architecture in the Westrn Himalayas. An Early West Tibetan Manuscript from Hanle Monastery, Ladakh / Eva Allinger
  • Three Ancient Manuscripts from Tholing in the Tucci Collection, IsIAO, Roma, Part II: Manuscript 1329 0 / Amy Heller & Charlotte Eng
  • The Art of Khorchag and Khartse in the Fabric of Western Himalayan Buddhist Art (10th-14th Centuries): Questions of Style II / Christiane Kalantari
  • A Turk in the Dukhang? Comparative Perspectives on Elite Dress in Medieval Ladakh and the Caucasus / Finbarr B. Flood
  • A Cultural Crossroads: Some "Foreign" Elements in the Art and Architecture of mNga’ ris / Marialaura Di Mattia
  • Reconstruction of the West Tibetan Temples of Khorchag: The Lhakhang Chenmo / Hubert Feiglstorfer. III. Patterns of Transformation in Tibet, Nepal, Mongolia and Central Asia. Narrative Transformations: The Spiritual Friends of Khri Srong Ide brtsan / Lewis Doney
  • Charting Ancient Routes in Ladakh: An Archaeological Documentation / Quentin Devers
  • Is There a Network of Sacred Fires Across the Himalayas and Central Asia? From Baku to Nepal, and Back / Marie Lecomte-Tilouine
  • Circumambulating the Jowo in Mongolia: Why Erdeni Juu Should Be Understood as "Jowo Rinpoche" / Isabelle Charleux
  • Between the Himalayas and Inner Asia: The Mongolian Case / Ágnes Birtalan
  • Moving Artefacts: Mongolian Tsam Figures / Maria-Katharina Lang.