On the road of the winds : an archaeological history of the Pacific islands before European contact

"The Pacific Ocean covers one-third of the earth's surface and encompasses many thousands of islands, which are home to numerous human societies and cultures. Among these indigenous Oceanic cultures are the intrepid Polynesian double-hulled canoe navigators, the atoll dwellers of Micronesi...

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Main Author: Kirch, Patrick Vinton , [Author]
Published: Oakland, California : University of California Press, [2017].
Edition: Revised and expanded edition.
Physical Description: pages cm.
Table of Contents:
  • Introduction : defining Oceania
  • Discovering the Oceanic past
  • The Pacific islands as a human environment
  • Sahul and the prehistory of "old" Melanesia
  • Lapita and the Austronesian expansion
  • The prehistory of "new" Melanesia
  • Micronesia : in the "sea of little islands"
  • Polynesia : origins and dispersals
  • Polynesian chiefdoms and archaic states
  • Big structures and large processes in Oceanic prehistory.