Gifts, goods and money : comparing currency and circulation systems in past societies

Other Authors: Brandherm, Dirk , [Editor] , Heymans, Elon , [Editor] , Hofmann, Daniela , [Editor]
Published: Oxford : Archaeopress Archaeology, 2018.
Physical Description: vi, 223 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Additional form: Gifts, goods and money / Online
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Table of Contents:
  • Introduction: comparing currency and circulation systems in past societies - by Dirk Brandherm, Elon Heymans and Daniela Hofmann; Indeterminacy and approximation in Mediterranean weight systems in the third and second millennia BC - by Nicola Ialongo, Agnese Vacca and Alessandro Vanzetti; Weight units and the transformation of value: approaching premonetary currency systems in the Nordic Bronze Age - by Lene Melheim; Heads or tails: metal hoards from the Iron Age southern Levant - by Elon D. Heymans; Weighing premonetary currency in the Iberian iron Age - by Thibaud Poigt; Of warriors, chiefs and gold. Coinage and exchange in the late pre-Roman Iron Age - by David Wigg-Wolf; New wealth from the Old World: glass, jet and mirrors in the late fifteenth to early sixteenth century indigenous Caribbean - by Joanna Ostapkowicz; Gifts of the gods - Objects of foreign origin in traditional exchange cycles in Palau - by Constanze Dupont