The revival of the Anu cult and the nocturnal fire ceremony at late Babylonian Uruk

"In The Revival of the Anu Cult and the Nocturnal Fire Ceremony at Late Babylonian Uruk, Julia Krul offers a comprehensive study of the rise of the sky god Anu as patron deity of Uruk in the Late Babylonian period (ca. 480-100 B.C.). She reconstructs the historical development of the Anu cult,...

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Main Author: Krul, Julia , [Author]
Published: Leiden ; : Boston, MA :. Brill, [2018]
Physical Description: 1 online resource.
Series: Culture and history of the ancient Near East 95
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Table of Contents:
  • The historical background of the Anu cult
  • Theological and ideological aspects of the Anu cult
  • The tablet (AO 6460) and the text (TU 41)
  • The ritual's calendrical setting
  • Analysis of TU 41
  • Interpretation of TU 41.