Traum--Mantik--Allegorie : die Hieroi Logoi des Aelius Aristides im weiteren Kontext der griechisch-römischen Traumliteratur

"The highly metaphorical language that is used in the dream narratives of the Hieroi Logoi written by the Mysian orator Aelius Aristides has hitherto hardly been assessed in a manner adequate to its depth. In her interpretation of this text that turns out to be heavily loaded with religious mea...

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Main Author: Bittrich, Ursula , [Author]
Published: Berlin ; Boston : De Gruyter, 2017.
Physical Description: viii, 356 pages.
Series: Millennium-Studien zu Kultur und Geschichte des ersten Jahrtausends n. Chr. = Millennium studies in the culture and history of the first millennium C.E., Band 61
Online Access: Online available (de Gruyter)
Online available (de Gruyter)
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