Sasanian Persia : between Rome and the steppes of Eurasia

The Sasanian Empire (third-seventh centuries) was one of the largest empires of antiquity, stretching from Mesopotamia to modern Pakistan and from Central Asia to the Arabian Peninsula. This mega-empire withstood powerful opponents in the steppe and expanded further in Late Antiquity, whilst the Rom...

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Weitere Verfasser: Sauer, Eberhard W., 1970- , [HerausgeberIn]
Ort/Verlag/Jahr: Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, [2017].
Umfang/Format: xxi, 314 pages : illustrations, maps.
Schriftenreihe: Edinburgh studies in ancient Persia.
Weitere Ausgaben: Sasanian Persia : between Rome and the steppes of Eurasia. [Print]
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